“Pact for Impact” created to construct a Global Alliance for a Social and Inclusive Economy

  • Find the manifesto below and read the commitments

The Pact for Impact Summit was organized in Paris by the French government among other parties throughout 10 and 11 July.

In this Summit, the Pact for Impact Manifesto was signed for more than 400 participants of 50 countries including state governments, international institutions, organizations and local authorities in order to create a Global Alliance mainly for the development of the Social and Solidairty Economy (SSE).

Pact for Impact’s ambition is to create a Global Alliance for the recognition and development of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), the Inclusive Economy, its companies and all actors of social innovation.

To meet global challenges and achieve Sustainable Development Goals, these institutions have agreed some commitments specified in the manifesto attached below. For more information you can also consult the official website for the Pact for Impact








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